About Thearle Electrical

Thearle Electrical was established in 1962 and originally known as P.F. Thearle & Co Pty Ltd.
Initially Thearle Electrical carried out installations, repairs and maintenance on smaller jobs.
Over the years the business has grown and as well as working on smaller jobs we also complete large construction projects and specialised repairs and maintenance.

We continue to expand our design knowledge and maintain pace with technological
advancement to provide the latest in electrical offerings to commercial buildings, schools,
aged care, waste water treatment and automated systems. Our expertise and proven record makes us a trusted contractor to the most prominent builders, private clients and project
managers in the Northern NSW region.

Mission Statement

Our objective is to achieve our clients desired outcomes and to generate consistent profit. We will utilise our capability to advantage our position in chosen markets and will conduct ourselves with integrity at all times. The application of standardised processes and procedures will enhance the services and products we deliver to our clients.


Thearle Electrical has a vision to be an organisation that, through clear and transparent communication,will deliver outcomes that fulfil our clients’ requirements. We will grow our business; by consistently delivering a high standard of service and be recognised as a peak performing provider to our clients. We will be forward thinking; to effectively identify, develop and deliver services to new and existing markets.